Easy to make, fun to use

Bucktown Blocks are printed templates that you cut and fold into story dice. Use them as-is or color them to reflect your personal style. There are six different themes in the core set of blocks: Neighbors, Places, Transportation, Stuff, D.I.Y., and Safe At Home.

Endless possibilities

Each block features six drawings designed for storytelling. Roll one, two, or more blocks at a time to randomly generate a series of images that you can arrange to create a tale, joke, or just something silly. Share and tag your best stories with #BucktownBlocks.

Made for Chicago

Bucktown Blocks are a 100% local creation. And on every cube you'll find one or more nods to our neighborhood and city. They're the perfect way to start the next great Chicago story – which is your story!

Get Bucktown Blocks

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Printed copies are available at Quimby's Bookstore. #LoveYourLocals

Questions? Email info @ BizarreBucktown.com


The aim of the game is simple — tell a story that links together all the face-up images.

There is only one rule: there are no wrong answers. The story you make up can literally be about anything in the neighborhood or city.

Begin your story with “One day in Bucktown…” or “Once upon a time…” or “The other day I…”.

When playing with family and friends, take turns being the story teller.

Roll all the cubes, or just a few, it’s up to you. You can divide them into beginning, middle, and end.

Interpret the images for yourself, and let them become what you need to tell the story. For example, Club Lucky can be any restaurant, or a type of food, or a snack, or a building on the corner. Whatever you can think of, it’s correct!

Play in a group! Each person rolls and makes up a part of the story, then the next person rolls. Everyone takes a turn. Link each part with something as simple as “And then, …” or “After that happened…” or “Nobody expected what came next…”.