Informative, Unique, & Entertaining

These handmade pocket-size booklets of neighborhood trivia, facts, and tidbits are perfect for newcomers, visitors, and the perpetually curious. Even old timers are likely to learn a thing or two, and enjoy the echoes from the past.

Made in Chicago

Each booklet is lovingly written, printed, assembled, and mailed right from the neighborhood. You can purchase each book in the series individually, or in sets.

Gordon Meyer

Your Curator

Hi, I'm Gordon Meyer. The Fact Files are straight out of my research files, which include newspapers, books, eyewitness accounts, and the whispered lore of old timers who have come to know and trust my walking tours.

Available Books

Wicker Park
Notable Neighbors
Notorious Neighbors
Murderous Neighbors

Exclusively available at Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago. Click here to order select volumes online, or visit the store for the full selection.
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“We received our Bizarre Chicago Fact Files on Saturday and they were thoroughly enjoyable!” — Kathleen


“My husband couldn’t put your booklets down (which was irritating to me, since I wanted to see them too!). I very, very, very much love your approach and way of bringing the stories to life.” — Craig

“Very cool and great fun! You should include yourself in a future edition of Notable Neighbors.” — Susanne

“I liked them. Tasty little snacks of info.” — William

“New life goal - make it into the next edition of notorious neighbors.” — Suzanne

“I loved them! I'm ordering a second set for my friend.” — Thomas

“I love these little books!” — Wendy

“These are awesome, inexpensive gifts! I've given away a couple of sets already.” — Cindy